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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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new from overnight a virginia state trooper hit and killed. ahead the busy scene that put him in the middle of dangerous traffic. >> and the dramatic drop you will no doubt feel this weekend as we usher in much cooler weather. >> plus the electrifying stunt that a daredevil is doing at this very early hour. good morning everyone. a lot to get to this morning. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. it is saturday, october 6, 2012 the day before the cold front arrives. >> i know. don't say it. yesterday was so spectacular. big changes are on the way. right, chuck? >> oh, they're on the way all
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right. i for one as much as i like a little mild weather i am sick of training for this marathon in 80 plus-degree weather. it's october. we already know that you're going to train in the weather you run in or else. outside for now another mild start to a day here in washington. 64 already here in town. 61 in downtown baltimore. 62 in waldorf, maryland this morning. even now over to the old dominion of virginia temperatures mostly now mid to upper 50s. 54 manassas. 59 degrees in front royal. rain drops are not too close to town yet but rain drops in far western maryland and parts of southwestern pennsylvania. they're all part of the leading edge of the cold front which yes indeed will bring us a scattering of shower chances today. certainly not a washout. but you will notice it once the front goes by. things will start to cool down quite a bit. highs today out ahead of the front. upper 70s for a lot of the folks in and around town. check those numbers out for tomorrow. high temperature tomorrow barely
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above 50. that ought to get you awake first thing on a sunday morning. we'll talk more about the rest of the weekend coming up. >> you've got us shivering already. thanks, chuck. new this morning virginia state police are mourning the loss of one of their own as a trooper was killed while directing traffic at the state fair. the accident happened along route 30 right outside kings dominion. police say the trooper was in an intersection as people left the fair grounds and the amusement park when an suv hit him. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. police are expected to release the trooper's name later today. >> this morning police are searching for the man who shot five people in northwest d.c. investigators tell us one woman and four men were shot along north capital street around 9:00 last night. police are now trying to figure out if the victims were targeted or shot at random. we spoke to a woman who lives in the neighborhood. >> kind of scared since it's in my neighborhood. i have my daughter and i'm trying to get home and i'm worried.
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i want to go to my house we're told one victim is in critical condition and the other four are expected to make full recoveries. maryland authorities say a man who died after falling into a charles county lake didn't know how to swim. according to reports a 29-year-old man was fishing in trinity lake last evening west of mechanicsville. he fell into the lake and divers found his body two hours later. the man was a member of the local amish community and leaves behind a wife and child. three people have prince george's county firefighters to thank for saving their lives. this after a fire broke out yesterday morning at a ground level apartment on 85th avenue in new carrollton. firefighters had to use a ladder to rescue people from an upper level apartment including a four-month-old baby. no one was hurt but the fire caused about $20,000 worth of damage. they're still trying to figure out the cause. a developing story on the expanding meningitis outbreak. there are now 47 reported cases of the virus in seven different states including maryland and
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virginia. the death toll stands at five right now. one person has died in virginia. another in maryland. health officials are working to try and contact thousands of patients who received a steroid shot for back pain. the contaminated steroid appears to have come from a pharmacy in massachusetts. this type of meningitis is not contagious. starting today metro riders could controversial ads at several stations. the ads from the american freedom defense initiative suggest radicthey are radicals. a judge ruled yesterday metro must comply by monday night. they will be displayed at the georgia avenue, u street park and glen mont stations. thanks to constant website crashes people living in fairfax county have until midnight tonight to pay their personal property taxes. annual car tax payments were due last night by midnight but the website that accepts the payments kept going down. officials say they fixed the problem and pushed the problem
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back to midnight tonight. to pay your car tax online head to fairfax this weekend you can save a little cash on big appliances. virginia is holding a sixth annual tax free holiday for shoppers. there are some restrictions however. the appliances must be under $2500 and they must have the energy star or water sense label. the event runs through monday. for a complete list of items that qualify as tax free head over to our website nbc and search key word tax holiday. also this weekend d.c. foodies will be able to take part in two major food festivals. more than 50 restaurants are taking part in the festival between pennsylvania avenue white house and the capitol and it will be the second annual world chile eating championship. admission is $10. all restaurants have at least
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one taste menu item for $3 or less. today also marks the 23rd annual taste of bethesda. more than 60 restaurants are taking part in the event in wood mont triangle. admission is free. tickets are sold on site in bundles of four for $5. >> in virginia oktoberfest is going on. >> a lot of stuff going on. >> big beer garden. i saw it last night. >> eat, drink, be merry. next the safety concerns over some honda minivans and suvs. and overnight sticker shock again. brand new numbers that show gas prices jumped big time out west. why customers are walking away disappointed when they try to get a seasonal favorite at starbucks. the controversial play that helped seal the first team to play. >> we're online this morning. >> we're online this morning. jowhen it comes to toilet paper,
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new this morning the pain at the pump is getting worse by the hour on the west coast. right now regular gas is at more than $5 a gallon. the average price per gallon is up 36 cents in a week and 12 cents overnight to 4.61 per gallon, 67 cents more than drivers in california paid this time last year. there is also a gas shortage at some stations. >> chevron's facility in richmond is still down from the fire in august. exxon mobil's facility now in torrance suffering through power interruptions. it's tough to find gasoline because refinery production all of a sudden is taking a big drop. >> gas prices across the east coast are hovering around $4 a gallon. right now a gallon of regular in d.c. is as low as $3.86 down five cents from yesterday. filling up in maryland is $3.70. it is $3.60 in virginia down one
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cent and 3.87 in west virginia which is up three cents overnight. safety investigators are looking into a possible recall of some honda minivans and suvs. the national highway traffic safety administration says they've received complaints about the honda odyssey and honda pilot from model years 2003 and 2004. the cars reportedly allowed drivers to remove the key when the transmission is not in park. that can result in the car rolling away. the safety program affects more than 500,000 cars. american airlines is expected to be back at full service today. the airline was forced to cancel 100 flights over the past few days due to seats coming loose. mechanics say normal wear and tear and something called coking caused the seats' issue. they say years of spilled soda, coffee, and other beverages might have gummed up the locking pins that keep the seats in place. new security rules take effect this weekend for new york
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students taking the s.a.t. or a.c.t. in the wake of a massive cheating scandal. students must now present a photo i.d. before the test and their photo will appear on the test admission ticket. last year 20 high school students were charged with hiring recent graduates to take the test in their place. thousands of anxious shoppers shut down a busy street in san francisco. they were lining up to shop at the new unique glow department store. the company boasts low cost japanese fashion with a techie twist. shoppers can pose in front of digital mirrors which show their outfit in different colors. this is the company's fifth store in the u.s. and first on the west coast. i went online. i won't lie. and on youtube to see what it was all about. we're trying to figure out when they're bringing this to d.c. this is cool stuff. they have models suspended in clear glass. >> i think they stole the idea from the jetsons. they used to have that. >> they did used to have that. so fashion forward.
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>> the time right now is 6:12. next the college football suspensions that could impact maryland's game against wake forest today. and the reaction you just have to see when a soldier mom surprises her daughter at a pumpkin patch. time to break ott out the fall and winter gear this
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talk about getting into the halloween spirit. this is the latest challenger for the world's largest pumpkin. ron wallace the owner of the giant gourd is set to take the pumpkin to the great weigh off in rhode island. last week wallace set the world record in massachusetts with the pumpkin weighing in at 2,009 pounds. he thinks this one tipped the scales around 2300 pounds. for many it's a sign of the fall. a starbucks pumpkin spice latte. there are reports of a possible
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pumpkin spice shortage this season. "the wall street journal" says the drink is so popular it's causing stores to run out of the ingredients for the seasonal drink. some baristas are complaining online about having to break the bad news to their customers. but starbucks officials say that while supplies sometimes run low, there is no pumpkin spice shortage so relax. >> there is no actual emergency here. you started beating the drum a couple weeks ago and now we hear there may or may not be a shortage. >> he only had it for a little while. >> you know what? we're going to need a lot of lattes starting this afternoon on, right? >> yeah. one more day with the ice lattes today. >> okay. >> if you like the ice lattes and i know a lot of people do, today is your last ice latte day for a little while unless you just like to be cold.
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because tomorrow your ice latte will really keep you chilled down. outside for now though your saturday is here. your weekend is here everybody. hopefully you had a good week and you are ready to be productive on your saturday and your sunday. you only have to be productive today because tomorrow is going to be a day suited for indoor activities. book reading, board game playing, whatever you need to do. 64 right now at national airport. winds will still be fairly light now. south to southwesterly breezes this morning will eventually become a northwesterly wind behind a cold front coming through today. not in our area just yet. 52 cumberland. 60 hagerstown. 62 in la plata. 64 as i mentioned here in town. here's the way it looks on storm 4 radar. we're dry in and around town. there are rain drops way out across parts of far western maryland and into the mountains of west virginia. we're keeping an eye on these. it is a fairly narrow band of rain showers right along the front. the cold front is still back here across far northwestern pennsylvania. and as it pushes down into the
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warm air mass around here we will have a chance for generating some showers during the course of the day and on the other side of it, mid 60s here. mid 40s for current temperatures across central ohio. that is the cool air that is coming our way for tomorrow. today nothing more than passing showers. a fairly good chance you'll get a little rain here and there but no one is going to get all that much. most of the rain chances should be out of here by sun down or shortly thereafter by 9:00, 10:00 tonight. high pressure building on in will keep us very chilly by morning and then cloud cover and a little chance for rain running up over the top the cold air means tomorrow we will be stuck in the upper 40s and low 50s for high temperatures tomorrow. that october chill will be with us for a couple days. for today beautiful this morning. got stuff to do outside? get it done early. becoming cloudy today. there will be scattered showers off and around during the course of the day and this is it everybody for the warm weather. mid to upper 70s today becomes
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highs in the upper 40s and low 50s for tomorrow. cold and wet and the redskins playing tomorrow afternoon, a big bundle up factor indeed. temperatures for highs tomorrow again struggling into the low and mid 50s and a lot of spots may not crack 50 degrees at all during the course of the day. so we'll call that cold. 55 around here, 16 degrees cooler than average for this time of the year. we do get the sunshine back late monday and into tuesday. a little chance of a shower or two on wednesday but most of the upcoming week noticeably cooler. college football time. did i hear about it last week. howard didn't get on the hit parade of the games. show some love to the bison they said. absolutely. florida a&m is in town. 1:00 kickoff for the howard a&m game today. 76 degrees. breezy and warm. slim little chance for a shower but if you don't have rain gear it won't be a complete washout. >> wow. you could wear shorts to the game. >> you could. >> by tonight you need to break
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out the long johns. >> shorts at the howard game today and bundle up factor tomorrow at the redskins game. >> all right. >> thanks, chuck. today lance armstrong will be in our area to talk about his battle with cancer. the legendary cyclist will be at centennial high school tonight and is set to take part in the half full triathlon tomorrow. armstrong will compete in the third annual event in howard county tomorrow morning and will race in the cancer survivor wave. his participation is to help raise money and awareness for the cancer fund for young adults. officials say his taking part in the race has helped increase registration and the number of volunteers. an american speed skater says his coach pushed him to damage a competitor's skate before a 2011 race. simon cho says his coach urged him to bend a skate blade belonging to a canadian skater. that skater was forced to withdraw from the championship race. there are also allegations
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against christian th against chun that he verbally abused skaters. wake forest is set to play maryland today in college park and will do so without four of its top starters. the school suspended six players because they violated team rules. they include the team's second leading rusher and leading tackler as well. the school has not given details as to what rules the players violated. and the nationals find out their division series opponent. >> and the os move on to the next round. carol maloney has it all in this morning's sports minute. good saturday morning everyone. i'm carol maloney and your sports minute starts with the nationals finding out who they're playing. the cardinals and braves game, first wild card game in major league baseball history. neither team wanting to go home. matt holliday showing that he doesn't want to go anywhere. a solo shot to left. cards go up, 4-2. wild play here bottom eight.
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simmons flies out to shallow left. the cardinals miss it. umps call it an infield fly rule. simmons ruled out. atlanta fans are furious with this call. a 19-minute delay to clean up the bottles. the cardinals hold on and win 9-6. that means the nationals will be traveling to st. louis. here's the schedule so far. the first two games are busch stadium and both are day games. the first one should tip off right in the middle of the redskins' third quarter tomorrow. nats finally back at home on wednesday. the home game start times are still to be determined. al wild card game orioles visiting the rangers. first playoff game for the birds in 15 years and the os came to play putting up five runs against texas and it's closing time for jim johnson. gets david murphy to fly out and the orioles win it, 5-1. they move on to the american league division series where they will host the yankees tomorrow. college football note for
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you. terps hosting wake forest in college park at 3:30 today. and that is your sports minute. i'm carol maloney. i hope your saturday is a good one. quite the surprise for students of broad run high school in ashburn. redskins quarterback robert griffin iii showed up for the game last night. that's a lot of pressure. students sent news 4 these pictures of rg iii getting pinked as the school showed its support in the fight against breast cancer. the qb and the rest of the redskins will wear pink on sunday as the nfl also participates in a breast cancer awareness initiative. >> nice of him. this morning hundreds of people will run with the wounded warriors. the 5-k race raises money for the wounded warrior transitional housing project. the proceeds will be used to build transitional homes for wounded warriors in the vincent hall retirement community in mclean, virginia. today's race starts at 8:00 in the morning at mclean square along old dominion drive. >> one service member got to give her daughter quite the surprise after coming home from
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afghanistan. every year brooklyn would go pick pumpkins with her mom sergeant first class catherine corzine who was shipped to afghanistan earlier this year. she was released earlier than expected and surprised brooklyn at the end of the hay bale maze. >> i didn't know! >> look at me! let me see your face! >> look at that. brooklyn refuses to let go of her mom after getting surprised. the two then continued their annual tradition of picking out pumpkins for halloween. oh, she is so sweet. >> that is so sweet. you don't even see her face. >> there they go. >> that's the best feeling with the arms around the neck when they squeeze like that. moms love that. good for them. no hug from you. >> sorry. >> during commercial break.
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6:25. next the march in maryland today to influence voters heading to the polls next month. and the new rules in d.c. that will keep spirits flowing a bit longer. >> and the shocking stunt happening right now. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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hi everyone. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff. it is saturday, october 6th, 2012. and a nice start to our weekend. our holiday weekend at that. >> a nice start. but get ready for the finish. it is going to be a very cold one right? >> downright chilly. hi, chuck. >> yes indeed. i was out at the beach all week and there are a couple great old car shows going on at the beach and yesterday on my drive back nothing but great looking old cars headed on over toward ocean city and so if you haven't got a plan and you need something to do today go on out to the beach. last good beach day for a long time as well.
6:30 am
temperatures promise to plummet by this time tomorrow. currently we are in the upper 50s to low and mid 60s around the area. a very mild october morning today. there are rain drops just to the west of i-81 across far western maryland and into the mountains of west virginia. they are associated with a cold front which will be coming through here today. it might wring out a quick couple showers even in the metro area. late morning through mid afternoon today. so expect a scattered shower chance today. certainly not a washout. we're off to a dry start. it'll be warm today. well up into the 70s once again. we'll start to cool down late tonight and by tomorrow it'll be much, much chillier indeed. the terps are at home in college park taking on the demon deacons. 71 degrees at kickoff. as i mentioned only a 30% chance of rain. if you need to see your team on tv tell me who is playing, when they're playing, where they're playing send it to the address of choice and we'll get on as manas we can between 9:00 and 10:30 this morning.
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back to you. >> thanks, chuck. later this morning 1,000 people are expected to march in support of maryland's dream act. the demonstrators will march from langley park to the university of maryland starting at 11:00. young undocumented immigrants have held several rallies asking voters to pass the referendum next month. if approved question four would significantly reduce the cost of higher education for undocumented immigrants. they'd be eligible to pay in state or in county tuition at maryland colleges. 23-year-old ricardo campos is from el salvador but came to the u.s. when he was 11. he dreams of being an oncologist but says he can't afford medical school without the referendum. >> i'm a cancer survivor and my life was saved at john hopkins by a doctor who is an immigrant. i just want to keep saving lives the same way my life was saved once. i think it is really important to allow me and allow these kids to fulfill our dreams. >> critics say maryland's dream
6:32 am
act would cost taxpayers too much to subsidize higher learning for undocumented immigrants. some d.c. bars will be staying open until 4:00 in the morning for the columbus day holiday weekend. it's part of a new plan to generate millions of extra dollars in revenue from alcohol sales for the city. but not everyone thinks it's a good idea. erika gonzalez explains why. >> reporter: this columbus day weekend will be the first run of a new policy that allows 42 bars and restaurants in the district to keep the drinks flowing until 4:00 a.m. on holidays. the extended hours will only take place before official federal and district holidays. >> it makes a huge difference. >> reporter: lima lounge on k street is already open until 3:00 a.m. on weekends but has to stop serving alcohol by 2:00. >> people are coming out at say 12:00, 1:00 in the morning. only staying out for a couple hours. it's not that much longer. >> this general manager says it won't be going until 4:00 a.m. this time around.
6:33 am
>> columbus day is less of a holiday as opposed to a bigger holiday we have throughout the year. >> reporter: that was the consensus for most of the places we stopped by tonight. with an active social life as she puts it this woman suggests this will help d.c. compete with other major cities. >> it's been a sleepy town. so anything to maybe spice up the night life. i think it helps businesses. i think it's a good thing. >> reporter: metro is not in on this deal. it's not going to stay open later on these holidays. bad idea? why? >> because it's more drinking, more accidents. >> reporter: anita bezel is of the school of thought that no matter the money this has bad written all over it. >> not good because you have to wait, find parking, as far as sleeping you have to hear all this noise and people being loud. >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news 4. now to decision 2012 where president obama is taking a day off. the president is planning to spend today with his wife after having to postpone their 20th
6:34 am
wedding anniversary, celebrating their anniversary because of wednesday's debate. he'll be heading to california tomorrow for a campaign event. mitt romney will be in the swing state of florida today. he is scheduled to speak at a campaign event in orlando as he hopes to keep his post debate momentum going. government officials and economists are firing back after some republicans claimed yesterday's job numbers were manipulated. after the job numbers came out, former ge ceo jack welch said the government tweaked the numbers on purpose to help the president. the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% from 8.1% but officials from the bureau of labor statistics say the numbers are almost impossible to manipulate. general electric is the minority shareholder of nbc. a nail polish company with facilities in maryland is set to layoff more than 100 people at the end of the year. the company owned by revlon is closing its beltsville facility.
6:35 am
d.c. mayor vincent gray says he is not worried about the 2014 mayoral election focusing instead on his current term. he dismissed a tweet yesterday that said he wouldn't run next election. he is currently under investigation for election fraud but no charges have been filed. gray appeared agitated when asked about the tweet and if he would run in 2014. >> is this based on somebody's opinion that was quoted today in a story? >> reporter: yes apparently. >> i don't know where they get their opinion from. >> i don't know either. >> reporter: are you going to run again? >> that isn't even an issue. i'm not even half way through my term at this point and this is the discussion? why doesn't someone come up with real news? >> reporter: despite the dismissal council member jack evans stroked the rumors further during wamu's politics hour yesterday and said he'd run if mayor gray didn't run for re-election. good news for metro riders this weekend. you won't have to deal with too much track work. crews will only be working on
6:36 am
two lines. on the red line trains will single track between judiciary square and fort totten and on the orange line trains will share track between stadium armory and cheverly. don't forget the work will last through monday because of the holiday. everything should be back to normal tuesday morning. now to the future of metro and its new $800 million fleet of train cars. the transit agency released this video of the new cars complete with l.e.d. screens and new safety features. they will replace some of the 1,000 series cars that have been in service since 1976. metro pledged to phase those cars out following the deadly crash of 2009 that killed nine people. the new cars should be ready to go next year. hopefully they'll have that new car smell. the time is 6:36. next, the power of facebook. see how you actually can help the social media site create its own weather system. and a little girl's heavy load. how a service dog is coming to her rescue.
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you're watching news 4 t take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the "today" show is up next on nbc 4. let's find out what they're working on. >> lester holt joins us live from new york. good morning, lester. >> good morning. coming up on a saturday morning on "today" with exactly one month to go until election day we're looking where the race stands for the white house. we'll also take a close look at the unemployment numbers. are they too good to be true? also ahead a u.s. olympic speed skater admits to tampering with a rival's skate before a big competition and is coming clean now. he'll join us for a live, exclusive interview to explain why he did it. plus the story of a miracle recovery. a 23-year-old woman's brush with death when her skull was separated from her spine in a car accident. she'll be here to tell us how she survived. and jenna offered to help me kick my fitness routine up a notch a request i foolishly accepted. see what happens when she tries
6:41 am
to convince me that pain is my friend. we'll get started on a saturday morning right here on "today." back to you for now. >> lester, where is your sports bra? >> where's my what? >> your sports bra. just kidding. >> don't answer, lester. just let it go. >> i don't think i need one. >> no. we look forward to that. >> all righty. a chinese factory that produces iphones is shut down for now as thousands of workers have gone on strike. the employees are upset over increased quality control demands and being forced to work during a national holiday. a labor watch group says workers beat quality control inspectors after management ignored their complaints. this is the latest in a long line of problems at fox confactories. last month 2,000 workers were involved in a giant brawl. now to a cool story about facebook. the company is using a unique process to cool down their massive data centers.
6:42 am
>> i am literally feeling the heat of people's status updates. their photos, videos. >> you are. >> reporter: this is the heat generated from that? >> this is the heat generated from that. >> reporter: facebook is such a web giant it runs its own weather system here in primeville, oregon, a city of less than 10,000 people. first you got to understand what facebo facebook, what the internet actually is. it is not what you think. a lot of people talk about the cloud right? but they really don't have a fundamental understanding of what the cloud means. it's not manna from heaven. nothing on facebook's cloud exists up here. it exists down here. once we got past their security and key card lock doors the manager showed us that facebook is just a building full of computers and hard drives. >> this is where all the magic happens. >> reporter: everything you've done on facebook for the past few years has happened in this complex. >> this building is over 1300
6:43 am
feet long. if you forget a part you don't want to walk for it. you want to ride your scooter. >> reporter: it's like a giant locker room where every facebook user has their own space. >> right here. >> reporter: my facebook page could be right here. >> it could be right there. >> reporter: data centers use a tremendous amount of power. the solar panels out back can only run a small office space. facebook itself runs on the same power the people of this oregon town use. >> power is much cheaper outside california. >> reporter: cheap power isn't the only reason why facebook and soon apple are in primeville. the crisp, oregon air cools down the servers that run hot in a world that's constantly checking facebook. >> we've decided to let mother nature in. >> reporter: you guys have allowed them to cool this place with no air conditioners. just a giant system of fans. >> go ahead if you want to feel the pressure. >> reporter: whoa that brings the cold weather in. >> i'm bringing cool air in from
6:44 am
outside and pushing it down here to the data floor. it heats up and then that air moves up. here at about 65 degrees fahrenheit. >> reporter: hot out air out. that is facebook's weather system. this is pushing it back outside. >> it's pulling it out. >> wow. that's unbelievable. >> huge, right? >> i guess we use it every day but never think where is all this information stored? how is it stored and taken care of? >> i have to go to oregon if i want to straighten it out. >> book the next flight out. >> no kidding. good stuff here. if we need natural air conditioning we only have to wait about 24 hours. mother nature is promising a big dip. is that the forecast or the forecaster? we'll talk about that next. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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so it looks like you could turn off the ac and crank up the heater all in one weekend. >> pretty much. we'll start out with a really mild day today. temperatures once again flirting with 80 degrees but i don't think we'll get there today like we have the last couple days because clouds are going to come in a little earlier today and they're out ahead of a weather
6:48 am
front which promises us much colder weather arriving late, starting late this afternoon and then overnight tonight the cooler air really starts to spill into the area. by this time tomorrow, temperatures will be at least 15 degrees colder than they are right now. maybe even 20 degrees colder in some spots. outside, though, on your saturday morning, plenty of clouds out there. but we will get breaks of sunshine here especially in and around the metro area we'll get our breaks of sunshine for much of the mid and late morning hours before clouds really start to thicken in as the cold front itself moves into the city. for now though it's mild. still waiting on sunrise. sunrise does not come up until after 7:00 a.m. so still about another 20 minutes or so before the sun is officially up. 64 now at national airport. winds out of the south averaging 8 miles per hour and we'll keep the south and southwesterly wind through the rest of your morning hours. once the front comes by through early this afternoon that'll flip the wind around to the northwest and that'll be the leading edge of the big cooldown which comes for tomorrow.
6:49 am
for now though temperatures are in the upper 50s and low 60s so a mild start to your saturday into your weekend. there are some showers already showing up west of i-81 for now so any rain chances during the front happening today should be way west of the metro area. our chance for a scattered shower or two comes up during the course of the afternoon and by 6:00 or 7:00 this evening most of the rain shower chances should be ending or over already. here you can see it on radar. not a whole lot of rain with this system. as the front comes over the mountains and gets into our warm, dry air mass a lot of the rain drops here will dry up as well. so just a chance for a quick passing shower today. you can already see a hole in the line of showers now across much of west virginia. that hole is going to be coming over our area during the course of the afternoon. so we might fill in a little bit of shower activity here and there but don't expect much today. less than 0.1 inch if you get a single drop at all. temperatures noticeably colder on the back side of this weather front. as i mentioned it should be through here. not long after 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon and wringing out
6:50 am
one or two little quick rain showers by 9:00, 10:00 tonight. skies will be clearing out. temperatures will be falling very quickly behind the front. now by tomorrow morning clouds will already be back on the increase and there will be some chances of rain drops by this time tomorrow morning but the bulk of the rain chances tomorrow comes up late morning through about sun down tomorrow and may linger into the late evening hours as well. so if you're headed out to the redskins game tomorrow afternoon you need to be looking for your warm weather gear now because it's going to be cold and wet on your day at the park tomorrow. so for today nothing to worry about really. becoming cloudy. scattered showers off and on from time to time. this is it for the really warm weather. upper 70s around town today. even low 70s out west. then tomorrow cold and wet. rain showers likely through much of the day. find your favorite book and be ready to spend some quality time with it. highs tomorrow in the upper 40s and low 50s. might be one of those war and peace kind of book days for tomorrow.
6:51 am
not much in the way of sunshine. 78 today. 55 tomorrow. and that 55 might occur before you're even awake. we might spend most of the daylight hours tomorrow struggling to stay above 50 degrees. the midshipmen on the road. ready for this one? they're in colorado springs taking on the air force academy. 38 degrees. >> yikes. >> with rain and snow on the midshipmen out there in colorado today. that's going to be cold. and they're bringing it back with them. i hope the midies packed extra wool socks. >> 38 degrees. i can't even process that. >> that is early october in colorado. >> all right. we'll be thankful we have what we have. >> that's right. >> thanks, chuck. some rumbling and shaking at europe's tallest active volcano. seismologists say mount aetna on the island of sicily has seen a slight increase in volcanic shaking but they are not predicting an eruption. the volcano has had several
6:52 am
small eruptions in the last two years including one that closed an airport back in january. the time right now is 6:51. up next on news 4 today the specially trained golden retriever that is taking a major load off a little girl and her medical problems. plus the jolting ambitions by a celebrity dar
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
there is a little girl in virginia named noelle. she relies on an oxygen tank to breathe but now has a new friend to carry her oxygen on his four legs. he is only the second dog in the country trained for this specific purpose. 4-year-old noelle michaels is learning man's best friend can be a girl's best accessory. noelle's parents say she was tiny at birth, under 2 pounds, a premie who arrived before her lungs could fully develop. >> she's been on oxygen her
6:56 am
entire life and we're thinking she'll probably be on it for quite sometime if not forever. good job. >> reporter: noelle is constantly tethered to an oxygen tank. this tank weighs ten pounds. noelle weighs 30 pounds. a big load for a little girl to carry alone. but that's where monty comes in. this georgia girl with a similar lung condition and her service dog were on the "today" show. that segment inspired noelle's mother to find the same help for her daughter. the michaels did some research and with donations they collected $10,000 to get their own service dog. monty came from north star, the foundation typically providing dogs to autistic kids. but they took the challenge to match noelle and monty. monty was trained just for noelle. >> tell me what you think about your dog. >> good. >> reporter: it's good? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you like him? >> yeah.
6:57 am
>> reporter: the golden retriever just like the dog on the "today" show will carry the oxygen in a custom vest. noelle and monty will do everything together. monty will even go to school and the playground. >> it'll be the line, the tanks, you know, and then they can even go down the slide together. it'll be fun to see. >> reporter: but the michaels hope the new dog won't be their daughter's only new friend. >> a lot of times we find that kids are apprehensive to come up to her because of the big tank and because she is always with an adult and i really think that the dog will, you know, facilitate more kids coming over and talking to her and will kind of be a bridge between the two. >> noelle's mom is in touch with the family of the other service dog in georgia. she says she has learned a few tips to make the transition a little smoother. we're learning about another story of a man and his best friend. >> a dog slipped out of his new york home last week and walked 1.5 miles, a mile and a half, to a hospital to see his owner. john doleand was in the hospital
6:58 am
being treated for a skin condition and his 7-year-old husky just couldn't handle the separation. he ended up walking to the hospital and an employee found zander on the street outside the building where dolan was being treated. >> he was either on his way to new jersey and stopped by the hospital because of the smells of the bacon and food coming from the cafeteria or he was coming to see me. i don't know. it's incredible. i mean, i didn't believe it either. you know? it's funny. right, big boy? huh? >> well they adopted zander from a shelter five years ago and nursed him back from starvation and said he has been like a son ever since. daredevil david blain is in the middle of his most electrifying stunt yet. the stunt man is currently standing in the middle of a million volts of electric currents at new york's pier 54.
6:59 am
blain started this stunt yesterday and will go for the next two days. spectators can type messages to blain and actually control the electricity around him. this stunt is also being streamed on youtube. in the past blain has been buried alive and encased in a block of ice. the next bond film is just around the corner and it's no coincidence the current 007 daniel craig will be hosting tonight's "saturday night live." craig loosened up his comedy muscles thursday night on "late night with jimmy fallon." he says he is having a good time this week but will probably stick to action films. >> it's a huge amount of stuff that i don't really understand. i look for good funny scripts and they don't really exist. it's usually a collaborative effort to make them good so i guess i'll leave it to the people who know what they're doing. >> the james bond movie "franchise" is also celebrating its 50th anniversary this weekend. the next installment "sky fall" opens nationwide november 9th and you can see danielra


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